Go Team USA

We have been waiting for the day for a long time in this house.GoTeamUSAPrintableWEB

My daughter started gymnastics at the beginning of summer and to say she became obsessed with it is an understatement. She would dance and flip around the house before but after she started…..all day every day!!! She’s good too. After the first class they said she needed to be in the intermediate class so that’s where she will start this month. Plus, we watched some footage from the last couple Olympics and she wants to watch it all the time! I love that she loves it so much.

So tonight we will be watching the opening ceremonies cheering for Team USA (and all the athletes) and we can’t wait to watch the gymnastics!!!

I made this printable so you can cheer them on too!!! Make sure you print landscape and actual size.

Click here to download >>> Go Team USA Printable

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