July ER Box from Young Living

My July ER box came while we were on vacation. Although I didn’t want to come from from vacation (it was amazing, I will write about it soon) I was excited to get my box. I had ordered a bunch of new oils/products for us to try. So here is what I got, why, and how we will use them.

Thieves Hand Soap Refill

I had ordered enough of the individual bottles of hand soap to put in all our bathrooms and kitchen so now I just need to refill them. I’ll be honest and wasn’t a fan of the smell at first but now I love it. I use thieves oil in some form, well really multiple forms, every single day. This soap is a combination of Thieves, Lemon, and Orange essential oils plus other natural ingredients.

KidScents Lotion


I got this for my kids (although my son thinks lotions are girly….still working on him, lol). This lotion smells good….a combo of geranium and cedarwood with shea butter and aloe vera plus other natural ingredients. This will be a staple in our after bath/bedtime routine from now on.

KidScents Shampoo

Another for my kids (although I have friend that love it on her hair). This shampoo combines chamomile, tangerine and lemon oils with other natural ingredients.

KidScents GeneYus Essential Oil


With school coming up soon this is a great oil to have on hand. I’m sure I will use it on my youngest but I got this one mainly for my oldest whose starting middle school. This oil helps with focus and concentration so it will be good for all the homework, reading, and projects he will have this year. I put a roller on it and will leave it in his room to put on in the mornings and then again when he dos his homework.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil


This oil (as all oils) has many benefits. The reason I purchased this oil is to make a toner. Carrot Seed oil is good for helping to support oily skin, reducing wrinkles, and dry skin. I just made the toner last night and really like it so far.

Satin Facial Scrub Mint


I got this scrub off a recommendation from someone on our team. This along with the toner, homemade roller ball, and the Genesis Hand and Body Lotion are making up my face routine now. I just started but I can already notice a difference in the feel of my skin. I know it will take a bit to clear it up (I turned 35 and my skin went to….well you know) but I very optimistic so far. This scrub is an exfoliant and has jojoba oil, mango butter, aloe, peppermint, plus more. It helps with pores and dull skin. It’s a small tube of cleanser but you really just need a pea size so it will last a while.

Genesis Hand & Body Lotion


This may be marketed as ‘hand and body’ so you wouldn’t think to use on the face (although, yes, that’s part of your body) but again it’s a highly recommended product from a team member. The info says it’s ultra-moisturizing and it really really is. Just like the scrub you just need a tiny amount. I squeeze a little out and have enough for my face, neck, hands and forearms. It smells so good too. It has Geranium, Palmarosa, Bergamot and other essential oils for their soothing properties.

Vetiver Essential Oil


This is another oil I got for not only the kids but me as well. It’s a great calming and relaxing oil.

Wintergreen Essential Oil


This oil is great for joint pain, arthritis, nerve pain among other things. This as well as the Clove, Peppermint and a Lavender were for a family member to use.

Clove Essential Oil


I know I say this about all of them, but it’s so true….this oil is good for so many things. Colds, numbing, toothaches, teething, aging, swelling, lice, and I did not know this one until now…..acne! I’ll be doing some research on this one and might add it to my skin regimen.

Peppermint Essential Oil


Good ol’ Peppermint. One of my faves. I’ve been using this the past couple days for dizziness (had issues with vertigo…again…2 nights ago) and headache/sinus issues. It can also aid digestion, upset tummies, help with energy,  mental clarity, and alertness. It’s also great to add to V6 (or any carrier oil) for a sport massage.

Progessence Plus Serum


This is a new to me product but comes highly recommended from everyone I’ve talked to. I haven’t heard a single bad thing about it. Today was the first day I used it and it smells sooooo good. It has some awesome oils in it including Sacred Frankincense, Peppermint, Bergamot and Rosewood as well as, coconut oil, wild yam extract, and vitamin E. It’s ideal for women over 30. I put a couple drops on my wrist but it’s also great for your skin (you can use a drop or 2 in your moisturizer or apply directly to your skin).

Lavender Bath and Shower Gel


I just made some DIY body wash before we went on vacation that I love (post coming soon) but I did try this out the other night and it’s really nice. Great fragrance and lather. Was the perfect thing to end my night with. See below on the benefits of Lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil


Another staple in anyone’s oil collection. It’s a fresh and clean smell and is versatile. You can use it in skin care products as well as to relax, burns (has saved me from scars from a few nasty curling iron/wand burns over the years), great for laundry or a linen spray. I could go on and on and on, lol.

Did you get your ER order this month? What did you get? What are some of your favorite oils/products? Making my August ER order list right now!

all photos from the Young Living site

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