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September 2016

    September ER Box from Young Living

    This months Essential Rewards order just shipped so it should be here by the end of the week. So excited to try out some new oils/products and stock up on some of my faves. Here is a list of what I got, why, and how we’ll use them.

    Love the KidScents oils we’ve tried to far. Love that they are pre-diluted for the kids and you can use as it or pop on a rollerball top. Snifflease is a refreshing blend and will come in handy once the weather turns cooler. A few of the oils in it are eucalyptus blue, lavender, pine, and cypress. Can’t wait to smell this one.


    Endoflex is a new one too. This one is a blend of spearmint, geranium, and other essential oils. Used for endocrine support and female hormonal support. I got it for myself and my 11 year old son.


    Ahhhh….good ol’ Cedarwood. This is a nobrainer. I will not run out of this one. I used it at night right before bed and sleep soooooo good. I will say I (for some crazy weird reason) got out of the habit of using it. Only realized after a few nights of not sleeping well. So sorry Cedarwood….I won’t ever stop using you again. Not only does it support sleep, it also supports the nervous system, respiratory, skin, tissue, hair, and endocrine.


    Cinnamon Bark will get diffused daily with orange when I get it. The perfect fall combo. Not only is it going to smell soooo divine it also supports the endocrine, circulatory, and respiratory systems, as well as immunity and digestion. Available in the Vitality line for ingesting.


    I ran out of Lemon and we can’t have that. Lemon is used for so so so so many things. Circulatory, respiratory, skin, digestive, memory, and emotional support. Love adding this to other scents in the diffuser to give it a fresh kick. Comes in the Vitality line to use internally too.


    I got Orange for a few reasons. 1. We are doing a team challenge in October. A drop of orange with our Thieves toothpaste to help whiten out teeth. 2. Also need it to add to the Cinnamon Bark in my diffuser. Also comes in the Vitality line for internal use.


    So many of you ordered Progessence Plus this month! I use this one each morning on my wrists. It supports hormonal balance, hormonal and nervous systems, muscles and bones and skin. Any women needs this oil in their life.


    My daughter loves the KidScents Shampoo so I am getting her a conditioner to go with it. Lavender and Mint…..such a great combo.


    Last month was our first month using Thieves Laundry Soap and we love it. You only need the smallest amount. The bottle is only 32 ounces and you get 64 loads out of it. I haven’t been counting but we are almost halfway through with the bottle and we are almost done with the month so I would say it’s true. You only need half a cap per load.

    **If you order a Premium Starter kit this month you get a bottle of this for FREE**


    Panaway is another one that is great to make sure you keep in stock. It’s great for soothing muscles.


    Northern Lights Black Spruce was part of the free promo this month and I’m not to familiar with it. It has a rich, woodsy scent. Great for meditation,supports skin, particularly dry skin, and great for meditation.


    KidScents bath gel is great. We order it each month. Lemon, Cedarwood, and other essential oils.


    We have the Sensation massage oil and it’s great. A little…..a very little…..goes a long way. The Ortho Sport Massage Oil has Wintergreen, Peppermint, Thyme, and Oregano essential oils.


    Wintergreen is great for bones, muscles, joints, and tendons. Plus smells good.


    Oregano is protecting and cleansing. It also comes in the Vitality line to use internally.


    Did you get your Essential Rewards order for September yet? I’d love to hear what you got.

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