Hurricane Matthew

hurricane4I’m sure by now you should have heard about Hurricane Matthew. Everyone, including the National Weather Service thought that the east coast would get it the worst. I know there was devastation in a lot of places but the sandhills of NC got hit so so very hard and no one was fully prepared. We had had flooding a week prior so that did not help the situation this past weekend. They predicted about 8 inches of rain….we got around 15. So much flooding….so many people lost their homes….roads literally washed away. Schools have been cancelled all week because so many families can’t get out from their homes or evacuated and can’t get back to their homes. We had 3 deaths and 4 missing….thankfully 2 have been found. The Governor is in town, as well as FEMA, rescue teams from NY, NJ, and OH.

We were so blessed and only lost power and water. No damage to our home or cars. We are still on a boil advisory (which we are hoping it will be lifted today) so we have to boil any water for consumption. There were so many that were not as lucky as we were.

The only good thing, if that’s even possible, is how our town has come together after this to help pick up the pieces, clean up, and donate necessities. The kids and I went through our clothes this morning and added them to the 3 bags in the garage for a yard sale we were planning on having. We have 7  bags to take tomorrow…there will be more when hubs goes through his stuff. We also went and bought 5 bags of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and baby wipes to donate too. Many of the churches and stores are giving out free cases of water and serving hot meals.

I have had some non local people ask how they can help. I have had a couple say they have clothes they can send. If that’s something you’d like to do too I can give you my PO Box (we are starting to cool off here so cold weather stuff as well as warm weather stuff).  A few asked if they could send a monetary donation if I could go buy supplies and I am more than happy to do that too. You can email me via the contact button (top left toolbar) or email me at or find me on any social media.

Prayers are always accepted and are so much appreciated. Here are a few pictures of our town from the past few days. All are via the Fayetteville Observer.
hurrican3 hurricane2 hurricane1

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