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December 2016

    No More Cable

    So getting rid of cable has been in the back of my mind for a while. We watched a lot of TV….a lot. I called last year but they talked me into keeping a lower tier of channels since it was only $4 more than just internet by itself. Good deal right? LOL But this time the difference in cable and internet and just internet was $70!!!


    The kids pretty much exclusively watch Netflix when they watch something and for me I watch Netflix and those shows I did watch I could get on Hulu. Sooooo…I called back and cancelled the cable and signed up for Hulu.

    So not only are we saving $60 a month now but we are watching less TV. We aren’t just turning on the TV just because, we are watching those shows we really want to watch. We’ve been playing more games at night as a family, spending quality time as a couple, not just sitting and watching a show in silence, and I’ve been getting more work done. It’s really been great!

    So now we only have a handful of shows that we watch since we are only watching ones we LOVE! What are some of your favorite shows to watch so we can try a few new ones out.


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